The Fourth of July may be over, but there are still fireworks galore at Morphy’s gallery, even if no one is actually setting them off. A collection of 250 outstanding antique and vintage firecracker packs and boxes, pyrotechnical advertising and salesman’s display items will open the company’s Sunday, July 26 auction with a bang. The colorful grouping is a featured category within Morphy’s Premier Advertising Auction of more than 1,000 outstanding lots. An especially exciting find is Lot 49, an 1890s Rochester Fireworks Co. salesman’s sample display with 16 original, wire-mounted fireworks. The goods include massive rockets – one of them weighing 8 lbs. – Roman candles, aerial bombs, and three unusual entries: a “Rosetta,” “Tourbillion” and container of “Colored Mines.” The display is particularly desirable to collectors

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