The German Ministry of Finance (BADV) has awarded Spink, a leading collectables auction house, with the sale of the inventory of historic bonds from the former German Reichsbank. At the beginning of this century, the BADV started with the sales of inventory of the former German Reichsbank. However, until now only the papers of private companies were sold. This November, there will be a sale that will touch the very heart of German Economic history. A collection of long-awaited treasury bills and bonds of the Reichsbank and the German Länder from 1889 to 1941 will be going under the hammer at last. The certificates on offer have a remarkable history. They have survived the Second World War unscathed by bombs by being stored in the impenetrable safe of the Reichsbank in Berlin. Even during the years of the GDR they went largely untouched. After the German reunification, the German Ministry undertook all the necessary clarification of p

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