A German artist whose painting of a blue horse was presented as a gift to Britain’s visiting Queen Elizabeth II, prompting a quizzical reaction over its ‘strange colour’, defended her work Friday. Nicole Leidenfrost told German newspapers that her art was about ‘having fun’ and insisted the 89-year-old queen had liked the rendering of her as a little girl being led on a pony by her father, King George VI. The modern artwork, based on a photograph, was presented to the queen, who is on a state visit to Germany with her husband, Prince Philip, by German President Joachim Gauck at his Bellevue Palace earlier in the week. ‘It’s a strange colour for a horse’, the queen is seen saying in a brief video circulating on the Internet, before adding: ‘And that is supposed to be my father?’ Leidenfrost shrugged off the reaction. ‘It’s about having fun! I don’t do deadly serious art,’ she told

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