Doubled is an exhibition of recent mixed media paintings, sculpture, video and a pair of wall drawings by Emily Prince. In Doubled, O’Dell started with an old portico in Golden Gate Park called The Portals of the Past. His interest in the site comes from its reference in Hitchcock’s Vertigo and his own experience of it on daily bike rides. In both the film and San Francisco folklore the Portals of the Past are associated with the supernatural and a disruption in our understanding of the physical world. O’Dell uses the Portals as a catalyst to make an associative journey through autobiographical, historical and fictional narratives that contribute to an impossible mapping of his position in space and time. Recently, O’Dell has been influenced by Franco Berardi’s book, The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance. In the book Berardi describes the conjunctive and the connective modes of thinking. The conjunctive is an associative kind of

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