Hilla Ben Ari returns to Rome to present her latest work Na’amah: A Tribute to Nachum Benari, a video work created for the Ein Harod Art Museum (Israel). Nachum Benari, writer and intellectual born in the Ukraine in 1893, was the artist’s great uncle and one of the founders of both the Ein Harod Museum and the nearby kibbutz. During his lifetime Nachum Benari published many academic essays and theatrical works, including Tubal-Cain (1951), a biblical-themed text which examines issues such as arrogance, guilt and punishment within a collective setting. This theatrical work proved inspirational for Hilla Ben Ari’s latest video work. She focuses on the marginal character Na’amah— silent sister of Tubal-Cain and daugther of Lamec who toiled as a gleaner—in an attempt to retell the biblical tale through problems related to gender issues. Na’amah represents a sacrificial victim

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