The Galerie Jaeger Bucher is exhibiting, in its Marais Rive Droite space, the work of artist Evi Keller, entitled «Matière – Lumière», who is presenting her solo show from the 31st of May until the 27th of September 2015 (please note that the gallery will be closed during August). After the original presentation of «Matière – Lumière» at the most recent Nuit Blanche, and the ensuing exhibition as part of the YIA Art Fair in the Saint Denys du Saint Sacrement church, this exhibition embodies the initiatory journey of the artist and marks the presentation to the world of this new form of artistic expression. A projection room is dedicated to showing the audiovisual work «Matière – Lumière [Towards the light – silent transformations]», the veritable cradle of «Matière – Lumière», at 7 rue de Saintonge. Her photographic imprints, bearing witness to a transformation process, crystallise the experiences of life and embody them

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