Galerie Gabriel Rolt announces the first solo presentation of Thomas van Linge with the gallery. The exhibition’s title ‘This isn’t even my final form’ references the evolving nature of the artists’ work, the Internet and his thoughtful but tongue-in-cheek approach to his practice in equal measure. ‘There is something quietly discomforting about the new work of Thomas van Linge. In an odd sense it has a whiff of walking into a car dealership. The sleek brushed materials, high attention to detail and the slight cockiness of the sales staff all blend in such a way that one might be tricked into forgetting that all this ultra modernity comes at a price. Van Linge in his practice deploys similar tactics. At first glance, the cool detached appearance of the work makes you forget that behind the bold but refined exterior of the work lies a lush poetic world laden with academic references. Once you cross the threshold and navigate your

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