A unique portion of Antonio Dias’ multifaceted production is revisited: his papers from Nepal, are being shown in Brazil for the first time. The exhibit Papéis do Nepal 1977-1986 runs until September 26 at Galeria Nara Roesler in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, offering in-depth insight into the universe of this household name, affording a new vision of the whole of his work. Through his plurality of themes and processes, Dias evidences his refusal to adopt a single perspective of art production, preventing viewers from taking comfort in easy interpretations of his work. In the words of Italian art historian Sandro Sprocatti, Dias’ oeuvre projects “an anti-perspective situation par excellence, since it denies the exclusivity of one single vantage point, not only due to the representational instability (the substantial ambiguity of sign and space) but above all because it implies the plurality

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