From July 15 through August 29 2015 the Fundación Juan March presents the exhibition Gleizes and Metzinger: Du cubisme (1912-1947). Du cubisme (Cubism) is an essay by Cubist painters and theorists Albert Gleizes (1881–1953) and Jean Metzinger (1883–1956) that was published in book form in 1912 by the Parisian poet and publisher Eugène Figuière (1882–1944) to coincide with the initial group exhibition of Section d’Or artists organised in October 1912. It is considered to be the first formal treatise on Cubist aesthetics. A new edition of this work published in 1947 included an introduction by Gleizes and an epilogue by Metzinger, the former of which delved into the artists’ motivations for writing the original essay. According to Gleizes, Du cubisme was conceived to clarify and summarise the premeditations, debates and influences that led to the emergence of Cubism, justify the Cubist thesis that painting is an outcome of

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