Alfons Borrell (Barcelona, 1931) says that he began painting “from the ground up” in the fifties, and when he talks about his sixty years of painting practice he does so in the same unassuming style. The exhibition Alfons Borrell. Works and Days remains true to this spirit: it is an account of a creative project that beats to the rhythm of life and defines itself as an exercise in perseverance and intensity over time. This steadfast commitment, which steers clear of idealisation, is the key element that inspired the title of the exhibition, which refers to the work of the same name by the Greek poet Hesiod. The visual artist Oriol Vilapuig (Sabadell, 1964) is the curator of this show, which encourages new readings and confrontations with the work of one of the greatest exponents of abstract art in Catalonia. Although the exhibition is a retrospective, Vilapuig eschews a chronological approach and adopts the form of an open essay in order to allow multiple interpretations.

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