Michel Rein gallery welcomes Franck Scurti’s fourth solo exhibition after My Creative Method (2012), No Snow No Show (2011) in Paris and Still Life (2013) in Brussels. ‘Since 2010, I set up my workshop in a street of Paris’ 13th district, la rue Dunois (Dunois Street), where I find my main source of inspiration. It’s right here, in this street that I find these obsolete objects or these materials stripped of value, choosing them because they show a certain potential then I redefine them, as rebus for which it is necessary to decode the sociohistorical meaning. In the first room, the collection of sculptures united under the title “Blockheads” appears at first sight to be fragments of brick walls, but on looking closer certain details seem little by little to form a face. On the wall, slightly in the background, anatomical sketches are drawn on the financial pages of newspapers. If the stockbroker’s model

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