While other nations reach for their guns when they are attacked, France looked to its bookshelves Friday. In a repeat of a publishing phenomenon that followed the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish supermarket attacks in January when Voltaire’s 250-year-old ‘Treatise on Tolerance’ became a bestseller, another classic text is flying off the shelves as France turns to literature for comfort. Ernest Hemingway’s love letter to Paris, ‘A Moveable Feast’, has shot to the top of the book charts since jihadis killed 130 people and wounded more than 350 in shootings and bombings across the city last Friday. Copies of the American great’s tender account of his bohemian adventures in the 1920s are being left, along with flowers and candles, in front of bars and cafes targeted by the gunmen. Remarkably, the rush to the bookshops was sparked by a woman in her seventies known

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