Mallett announces Glass Ambition, the first UK exhibition of world-renowned Lino Tagliapietra, the 80-year-old Venetian master glass blower. The exhibition features new works by the artist, showcased at Ely House between 26 May and 4 July 2015. Tagliapietra is the most ambitious and influential glassmaker of his generation. His vessels push the boundaries of traditional glass with monumental, new forms and spectacular colours. Each piece is unique in number and personal to the maestro, who only works using the blowing canes he makes and the glass colours he creates. Tagliapietra lives on the island of Murano with his family and travels twice a year to Seattle, where he has access to studios and ovens large enough to blow his immense masterpieces. This extraordinary exhibition reconnects Mallett with its historical interest in glass. For many years, Mallett had a highly respected glass

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