Ben Brown Fine Arts is presenting the first UK exhibition of French-Algerian artist Djamel Tatah whose work has been widely exhibited in France and abroad. Tatah was born in SaintChamond in 1959, a town close to Lyon where his parents migrated in the 1950s. Despite difficult living conditions, Tatah managed to join the local art school in Saint-Étienne in 1981 where he forged his path as a professional painter and developed the formal principles of his distinct artistic output. This exhibition presents twelve mesmerizing oil and wax paintings, monumental in size and typically Untitled, produced in the last year. The subject omnipresent in Tatah’s works is the silent figure – the mirror of all humankind, pain, solitude, melancholy, war and peace. Featured isolated, in pairs or in repetition across large canvases or polyptychs, the silhouettes are consistently depicted in a 1:1 scale. They seldom face the viewer di

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