The three Portuguese words in the title of this, the first exhibition of the prominent Brazilian photographer Caio Reisewitz to be held in the Netherlands, immediately make it clear what his oeuvre is about. Florestas is the Portuguese word for forests, such as that of the Brazilian Amazon, the richest tropical rainforest in the world. Favelas are the typically Brazilian slum districts. Falcatruas means something like fraud, trickery. The associations that these three words call up form an unsettling backdrop to Reisewitz’ stunning photographs of the Brazilian landscape. His work testifies to a deep social engagement, but one hidden within an avant-garde idiom. Caio Reisewitz (São Paulo, 1967) makes his monumental photographs on location, using a large-format camera and tripod. In these photographs he reflects on the construction and deconstruction of his country, and in particular at the conflicts playing out in the background, such as the controversy surrounding the building of

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