There are plenty of female superheroes at Comic-Con, the annual pop culture festival in San Diego — but they are mostly fans dressed up. Big-screen female icons are still few and far between. The comic book world may have a reputation for attracting male nerds, but in the vast convention center where the four-day fanfest kicked off Thursday, as many women as men have convened, representing all ages. ‘Things have changed… Women comprise a bigger part of the audience for comic book fantasy,’ said Jonathan Kuntz, a professor at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. Many come as their favorite characters, such as three young women dressed as Joy, Sadness and Disgust, the emotional avatars at the heart of ‘Inside Out,’ Disney/Pixar’s latest animated blockbuster. Amanda Reynoso, with long brown hair and her face painted green, has chosen Gamora, the killer

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