Marianne Boesky Gallery is presenting No Vacancies, a group exhibition of works by Miyoko Ito (1918-1983), Phillip King (b. 1934), Robert Morris (b. 1931), and Lisa Williamson (b. 1977), organized by Kristen Becker. Featuring sculpture, oil paintings, and works on paper from the 1950s to the present, this show presents four artists whose works play with the viewer’s experience of form, density, depth and perceptual access. No Vacancies is on view from June 26 through August 7, at 509 West 24th Street. Rooted in a framework that includes iconic architecture, modernist presentations of the figure, and the artists’ own physical proportions, these works are grounded in specific sources but ultimately convey a more universal sense of spatial and figurative recognition. Dichotomies between angle and curve, architecture and body, presence and absence begin to emerge

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