Eva Koťátková (b. 1982, Prague) takes as her central theme the individual’s relationship to normative social structures and institutions, such as the government, school, the family, and the hospital. An obsessive collector of historical books on psychology, medicine, and social science, images culled from these sources appear time and again in her installations, collages, and drawings. While frequently appearing grotesque, Koťátková ‘s work often strikes a poetic or darkly humorous note. Along with Czech Surrealism and Absurdist fiction, the artist counts slapstick and Charlie Chaplin among her sources of inspiration. Throughout her work, she gives form to the invisible, disciplining force exerted by rules, conventions, and rituals. For the exhibition Out of Sight in the List Center’s Hayden Gallery, Koťátková is creating several new groups of works—from collages and drawings, to

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