he Galerie Nathalie Obadia presents an exhibition of Eugène Leroy, whose singular work has not been shown in Paris since the exhibition Les dernières peintures d’Eugène Leroy in 2010 at the Galerie de France. After the exhibition presented in its Brussels gallery in 2013, this is the second exhibition that the gallery has devoted to this great painter from the north of France, born in Tourcoing in 1910 and dead in 2000. Blending the most diverse heritage, from Rembrandt to Malevitch, and including Jean Fautrier, Eugène Leroy explored the multiple possibilities of material and matter, deploying a science of impasto which conferred an incomparable relief to his paintings. This paradoxical opacity, made of light and colours, gives the onlooker the impression of ‘entering into a cavern’, as one of Leroy’s greatest admirer’s, the German painter Georg Baselitz, would say : ‘There I found

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