Between June 10 and September 6, Museum Tinguely hosts the most extensive exhibition to date of work by the London-based artist Haroon Mirza (born 1977). Mirza’s large spatial installations often include sound, light, video and film as well as randomly found objects and works by other artists. In this way, Mirza creates an immersive experience that challenges the eye, the ear and our spatial orientation. By showing existing works alongside several new pieces created especially for the exhibition and specific to the site where they are placed, Museum Tinguely presents the work of Mirza across a broad spectrum. The ‘Haroon Mirza/hrm199 Ltd.’ exhibition focuses on the collaborative nature of the artist’s practice. The exhibition’s title, the name of Mirza’s studio and company ‘hrm199 Ltd.’ implies the essence of his approach. Artistic work is inherently a process with many

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