Gagosian New York presents an exhibition of sculptures by Thomas Houseago, concurrent with and relating to his Public Art Fund commission Masks (Pentagon), on view at Rockefeller Center from April 28–June 12, 2015. The title of the exhibition evokes the snake-haired female Gorgon of Greek mythology whose powerful gaze turned human flesh to stone—a reversal of the male gaze, and an allusion, perhaps, to the sculptor’s vital struggle with formal precedents in the creative process. Shifting between historical allusion and seemingly impulsive gesture, Houseago explores sculptural paradigms in terms of the uncertain realities of the present. Foregoing bronze and marble for contingent materials such as plaster, hemp, iron rebar, plywood and jigsaw-cut panels printed with drawn limbs, he secretes stylistic nuances from a broad range of influences—from classical

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