Cheim & Read is presenting an exhibition of recent self-portraits by British painter Chantal Joffe. This is Joffe’s third show at the gallery. It is accompanied by a full-color catalogue with an essay by Louise Yelin. Using, Walls, Floors, and Ceilings: Chantal Joffe opened at the Jewish Museum on May 1 and be on view through October 18. Chantal Joffe is known for larger-than-life, boldly-colored oil paintings of often solitary women. Culled from fashion spreads and photographs, her subjects exude a sort of fearless exhibitionism while simultaneously conveying an intimacy and emotion expected from more familial sources. Fascinated by beauty and the female form, Joffe has commented on the “imaginative narrative” these images provoke, encouraged by the patterns, fabrics, and textures—as well as the

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