Praz-Delavallade announces Pictures, Chromogenic and Pigment, #2, an exhibition of photographic monochromes and works on paper by Phil Chang. This will be the artist’s first show with the gallery and his first solo exhibition in Europe. Like the recent exhibitions of his artwork and the group shows that he has organized, Pictures, Chromogenic and Pigment, #2 continues Chang’s interest in using forms of production and materiality that allow his photographic work to function only in the context of contemporary art. Chang’s interest is in eschewing the plurality that is specific to photography in order to occupy a plurality specific to art itself, namely art’s ability to function as decor, as an object of discussion, as an artifact, and as a commodity. This exhibition is the second iteration following an exhibition from 2014 at M+B and is the first to pair a series of purple monochromes with black

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