Ayyam Gallery presents Painting from the Sixties and Seventies, the solo exhibition of pioneering Palestinian artist Samia Halaby. Widely recognised as an innovator of abstraction and a leading painter from the Arab world, Halaby exhibits a selection of works from the initial period of her oeuvre. The nearly two-dozen paintings on display offer a rare look into her artistic development by charting several groundbreaking experiments across diverse bodies of work. The exhibition marks the first time that such a seminal collection of Halaby’s paintings is shown in Europe. Included in the solo show are examples from the artist’s Geometric Still Life (1966-70), Helixes and Cycloids (1971-75), and Diagonal Flight series (1974-79), which furthered her approach to the depiction of reality through abstraction by establishing formal properties that allude to principles found in nature. In doing so,

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