Tripoli Gallery Southampton presents Bosco Sodi | Lacquered Papers, an exhibition of new works by Bosco Sodi. It will be on view at 30A Jobs Lane, Southampton, NY, from July 9th through August 2nd, 2015. This will be Sodi’s second solo show at Tripoli Gallery, the first being Bosco Sodi: ZnO, in 2012. Cracks, breaks, and fissures on an organically bubbling surface aesthetically link Bosco Sodi’s work to our natural, terrestrial environment, while his use of vivid hues such as magenta and cobalt conjure both primordial ooze and intergalactic skyscapes. These deeply evocative textures are created through a distinctive, paradoxical method that combines deliberate, artistic control with random happenstance, as Sodi allows the inherent properties of his carefully applied materials—pigment, sawdust, wood pulp, natural fibers, and glue—to dry and take bas-relief-like form

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