Xavier Hufkens presents an exhibition of new works by American artist Jacob Kassay at 107 rue St-Georges. Kassay explores the ways in which objects can oscillate between dimensional states by using fragments of both surfaces and spatial volumes as templates. Kassay re-drafts sections of stairwells back into models, creating a life-sized typology of severed spaces. Marking the sequence of the alphabet in which the artist’s initials appear, the exhibition’s title – HIJK – is also the result of a cut; not into built surroundings but the variable space of language. Two architectonic sculptures create an axis through the exhibition. Identical in scale and colour, they are modeled on two different domestic interiors and bookend the gallery’s stairwell. Devoid of stairs, and presenting no above or below, the works take the form of gutted corridors, dislocated from their function as a transition between

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