Harper’s Books presents an exhibition of new work by Anke Weyer, on view from August 15 through September 23. Featuring the artist’s large-scale oil and acrylic paintings, the exhibition also includes a series of smaller works on paper, consisting of found and painted coupon sheets. Brooklyn-based German artist Anke Weyer creates paintings that are firmly grounded in the legacy of Abstract Expressionism yet appear strikingly contemporary, borrowing from a variety of sources to develop complex compositions that are effusive, messy, and raw. Combining dripped and spattered skeins of paint, wiped and rubbed fields of color, and thick, curvilinear brushstrokes layered over broad stains of saturated hues, Weyer’s paintings acutely highlight the inherent tension between intention and accident—freedom and restraint—in gestural, nonrepresentational painting. This exhibition

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