Eleven presents Anglia, new photographs by Harry Cory Wright. Through his 8 x 10 camera he vividly depicts Anglia, a rich parallel world which retains strong geographical references but is at once removed from any specific place. With nods both to Dan Brown’s historically steeped narratives and to Iain M Banks’s conjuring of future worlds beyond our own, he creates a series of photographs which prompt us to reconsider new ways of observing the timelessness of the present. He explores the eastern lowlands of the British Isles, an area which holds deep traces of the old as well as the new, the ancient and future and the world that lies in between. Each image hints at these dichotomies. In The Eve of St. Agnes (2015) the thick pillars, archways, vaulted ceilings, with the stained glass held by them, make up the nave of this venerable space. Through removing many of the characteristics

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