Edwynn Houk Gallery announces an exhibition of new photographs by Gail Albert-Halaban (American, b. 1970). Albert-Halaban’s new series, Vis à Vis, is set in Paris, where she peers through and photographs what’s behind the windows in the French city’s apartments and courtyards. Instead of being the voyeur, however, Albert-Halaban is an active participant, stage-managing each scene. The residents are knowingly photographed, as if actors on the film set. They willingly share their intimate, domestic moments: a child’s birthday party, a woman greeting her guests in the foyer, a man reading a book under a dim lamp. The stories and narratives that are told are familiar and open-ended, with Albert-Halaban leaving infinite possibilities as to how the scenes could unfold. With Vis à Vis, Albert-Halaban further explores the quintessential paradox of living in a great urban metropolis: the

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