David Maljkovic is known for multifaceted exhibitions that investigate the erosion of memory and the corruption of information, revealing how ideas can be worn down by the effects of time and technology. For his second show at Sprüth Magers London, Maljkovic will present a group of inkjet photo collages titled New Reproduction (2013), as well as Afterform (2013), a single slide projection, and a new version of the HD video Out of Projection (2009-2014), a title that the artist has used for a number of previous, related works. The formal principle of collage is key to Maljkovic’s oeuvre: the artist has adopted this method as a way to respond to our defective memories, recombining photographs, films and projected images from his own personal archive. Entering the main gallery space, the viewer will be struck by an overwhelming presence of a ghost from a previous exhibition: the artist has covered the main gallery walls with

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