Sprovieri has brought together new works by three Berlin-based artists, Alicja Kwade, Michael Sailstorfer and Thomas Rentmeister. The three artists work in adjacent studios in a large building in Liebermannstr 24-28 in former East Berlin. While maintaining their own specific language and use of materials they share a similar artistic vision. Alicja Kwade’s work often deals with time and light, something that is reflected in the works chosen for this show. A working clock with a lead cast nearby suggests the ‘heaviness’ of time passing, the lead face mirroring in the memory of Kwade’s earlier pieces of clocks with obscured faces. Kwade has been collecting lamps since moving to Berlin. In her work Lampe (Kaiser Idell Rot) Kwade deconstructs a lamp, grinds the elements into particles that resemble colourful sand, then displays them in specimen

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