“I want to show Americans what America is like,” Andrew Wyeth once declared. Together with his father N.C. and his son Jamie, Andrew Wyeth has helped to shape how Americans view themselves, their history, and their aspirations. The work of three generations of the Wyeth family is being featured in the exhibit The Wyeths: America Reflected through September 27 at Heritage Museums & Gardens. Consisting of works by all three artists, this exhibition explores such quintessentially American themes as patriotism and the meaning of America, family, the significance of place, and the role of storytelling. Arranged by artist, The Wyeths: America Reflected offers insights into the work of these giants of American art. N. C. Wyeth’s sixteen oil paintings from Poems of American Patriotism, with their depictions of George Washington, Paul Revere, and Abraham Lincoln serve as the departure point. Landscapes by Andrew

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