MacDougall’s Russian Art auction on 3 June features an exceptional selection of Russian Orientalist paintings. The highlight of the auction is a stunning romantic landscape by the master of Russian XIX Century art, Ivan Aivazovsky Camel-Cart at Sunset in a Coastal Landscape (Estimate: 150,000– 200,000 GBP). It was painted during his first summer spent in Crimea, in 1848, where the artist settled with his family in a villa built in a deserted part of the Feodosia coast. The local area, mostly populated by Islamic Crimean Tatars, inspired the artist to create a series of works dedicated to their everyday life. Camelcarts were a feature of the 19th century life in Crimea, which always aroused interest and curiosity amongst Europeans travelling around the peninsula. The picture is full of air and space, soaked with the light of the setting sun, in which superfluous detail is lost, lending a special

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