On her visit to New York City last winter, artist Teresa Margolles, Neuberger curator Patrice Giasson, and several others headed to Staten Island to the street where Eric Garner died as he was being placed under arrest, victim of a NYPD chokehold. In preparing for her new work, Margolles dragged a large cloth over the sidewalk where the violence occurred, staining it using a technique she developed to absorb micro-substances. This cloth became the canvas on which artist-embroiderers from Harlem Needle Arts, with input from Margolles, created a work that commented on the tragedy and voiced the artists’ concerns about violence faced daily by the African-American community. “The textile is a microphone,” Margolles said, explaining her general approach. “It triggers conversation because of its power of having been in contact with the dead body.” In the case

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