Elisa Contemporary Art presents Immersion at The Design Studio in Bridgehampton, NY. Immersion is a deep dive into the Summer Season featuring the Swimmer artwork of Kaua’i artist Carol Bennett, New Orleans Hyperrealist Matt Story and San Francisco Minimalist, Jeffrey Palladini. This is the first exhibit debuting the gallery’s newest artist, hyperrealist Matt Story. The gallery is also debuting a paint and video “painting” by Jeffrey Palladini. The exhibit opened on Monday, June 15 and runs through July 27 2015. Each of the artists has a different relationship and significance for focusing on water and underwater movement. For Story, water serves as a metaphor for “a deeper self-birth, cleansing and baptism.” His paintings draw their inspiration from underwater photographs, including a recent shoot in New Orleans in 45 degree weather in an outdoor pool. Bennett uses water as a meditative journey throu

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