Having provided frames for artworks valued at over a billion dollars, at auction and in private galleries, Eli Wilner & Company has announced a new program to provide frames at no upfront cost to consignors of artwork. In order to participate in this program, the owner of the artwork must agree to purchase the Wilner frame, but the payment is only due after the successful sale of the artwork. If the artwork fails to sell, the frame would be returned to Wilner, and no charges would apply. In this way, the consignor is protected from any framing cost if the sale does not occur. Eli Wilner & Company has been trusted by galleries and auction houses for decades to frame their most valuable paintings. Dealers and specialists rely on the way a frame selected and exquisitely crafted by Wilner enhances the beauty and appeal of a painting, and helps encourage the best possible sale result. The Wilner announcement does not only apply to the consignors of multi-million-dollar

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