A wall runs the length of the gallery from front to back, through 2 exhibition spaces, along a corridor and through the back office space. Ammerlaan has made 4 large paintings which will occupy this entire wall, a constant presence in our peripheral vision. They loom in the background, making a place for the exhibition. These canvasses had lines pressed into them before stretching, which are revealed in the light as we move along them. Ammerlaan has an ongoing fascination with peripheral vision, the unseen in the seen, the occult in the cult, faith vs reason, emotional against rational, the fleeting, the out of reach. Ammerlaan is constantly testing what painting can do and how it can serve to help him investigate his ideas and questions about the world. These are not abstract paintings. He does not tell the paintings what to look like. He is not using process to be able to reproduce a recognisable, signature type of result. He told me about a book he is reading. About how Christ’s ch

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