Hercules: Rough Cut, David Blandy’s new commission for Bloomberg SPACE, explores empire, civilisation, London and language in a hypnotically rotating, mutating installation of video and voice. It is the latest work for Bloomberg SPACE in the 2015 series ‘The Homecoming’, a programme of four projects by Adam Dant, Gayle Chong Kwan, David Blandy and Melanie Manchot that explore and respond to the history and architecture of the City of London Hercules: Rough Cut, refers to the Roman version of the Greek Heracles, which gave rise to a series of stories rife with internal contradictions and gathered from multiple sources that has inspired artists and writers through time. Drawing on Bloomberg’s vast archive of global financial news footage, Blandy layers and amalgamates images of the agricultural, the economic, the cultural, the political and the industrial on four screens

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