In her luminous and revelatory third monograph, Dark City: Urban America at Night (Damiani, October 2015), internationally renowned American fine art photographer

Lynn Saville takes us deep into the urban landscape of New York and other American cities, at twilight and dawn. These are the times when busy city streets are rendered quiet and emptied of people, except for the occasional lone figure or the artist herself, visible as ghosted images or shadows. The darkened city is Saville’s stage set where dramatic lighting and architectural components form otherworldly places and spaces that she photographs quickly with her medium format camera so as not to attract police attention. Drawn to both central and fringe areas of American cities that have been affected by the recent economic downturn, Saville captures vacant and shuttered storefronts, empty lots, abandoned buildings, blank billboards, and back alleys that exhibit a disquieting beauty. Glowing windows lit by safety lights c

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