When Taliban militants stormed a school in Pakistan’s northwest last December, killing 150 people, mainly children, in the country’s deadliest terror attack, comic book creators Mustafa Hasnain and Gauhar Aftab decided it was time to act. The pair had already been working on a series to raise awareness about the corruption that plagues the economically-underperforming Muslim giant of 200 million people. But they quickly decided to shift their focus to violent extremism — and felt holding candle-light vigils was not the best way to effect change. Hasnain, a British-educated computer graphics specialist, founded his own company Creative Frontiers in 2013, today employing 20 people, including young male and female artists, programmers and writers, in a hip Silicon Valley-style office in the city of Lahore. He explained: ‘It was a huge watershed moment for

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