The Drawing Center presents Robin Rhode: Drawing Waves, a collaborative project by South African–born, German-based artist Robin Rhode. Rhode is exhibiting his signature stop-action photographs (in which he draws in public streets and then a performer interacts with the inscribed image) in a new photographic sequence entitled Breaking Waves, 2014–15, which whimsically depicts a young boy surfing in the sea. The illusionistic swell of the waves—articulated by Rhode’s drawn gestures onto a dilapidated city wall—reiterates the boy’s deft maneuvering of the ocean and this type of athletic physicality is echoed in the accompanying wall drawing Paries Pictus-Draw The Waves, 2015. Rhode has partnered with a group of children aged 8-10 years to create this large-scale mural of the high seas, which has been video recorded and is also on view. He began the process

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