Circoloquadro presents Andrea Fiorino’s first personal exhibition in the city of Milan, titled Lost Paradise and curated by Elisa Fusi. For the occasion, the artist exhibits his latest project through an innovative and site-specific display. Andrea Fiorino is a young Sicilian artist now based in Milan. His first personal exhibition presents the outcome of his latest artistic research: a conceptual show with an original and site-specific set-up, which won’t cease to surprise the visitors: imaginary forests and primordial woods are the fantastic background, home to ancient individuals who reminds us of a universal cosmogony, portrayed through a rich and powerful color choice. As the curator Elisa Fusi says: “Fiorino’s project can be considered immortal, out of time, visually expressed through rounded shapes and fluid color touches. Fiorino sees the body like a gate, a wound or even a crack that can

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