Hollywood Boulevard: 1969-1972 is the powerful new photo-narrative by Dennis Feldman, a painfully human character study of social identity and performance. Feldman captured the gritty side of this most famous of streets before going on to a noted career as a director and screenwriter. For three years, Feldman repeatedly walked an eight-block stretch from Hollywood and Vine to the Chinese Theater, called the Walk of Fame, where people flocked to gaze at a sidewalk full of terrazzo stars inlaid with the names of famous (and no longer famous) entertainers. He became obsessed with photographing the characters that gathered there, drawn to the world of stardom, parading their self-made identities — macho and gay, masculine and feminine, bikers and hippies — modeled after American archetypes molded by the entertainment industry and the 60s social revolution. ‘I’m driven to ph

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