Christie’s Mayfair presents Reflections on the Self: From Dürer to Struth, an exhibition which celebrates and surveys the changing face of self-portraiture from the 1400s onwards. While focusing on the apogee of the genre in the 20th and 21st centuries, Reflections on the Self seeks to explore the history and evolution of the self-portrait. Curated by specialists Cristian Albu and Jacob Uecker, the exhibition will take place at Christie’s Mayfair, London from 2nd June until 5th September 2015. Featuring over 50 artists and 70 works, the exhibition will highlight the different formats and styles artists employ to depict themselves across a range of media including painting, print, sculpture, collage, and installation. The exhibition begins with The Bathhouse (circa 1496-97), a rare 15th-century woodcut by the first prolific self-portraitist, Albrecht Dürer, and includes works

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