Chris Martin’s very first acoustic guitar, used during the recording of Coldplay’s UK no.1 hit album Parachutes, sold for more than double its top estimate, achieving £18,750 at Bonhams 24 June Entertainment Memorabilia sale. Martin purchased the Vicente Tatay Tomas acoustic from Bill Greenhalgh’s music shop in his hometown of Exeter, taking the guitar with him when he later moved to London to study at UCL (University College London) in September 1996. This was where Chris met Jonny Buckland at their university ‘freshers’ week, following which the pair planned to form a band over the coming year, resulting in the formation of Coldplay. Martin used this guitar during the composition of many of Coldplay’s earliest songs, and during the recording of their pioneering debut album Parachutes. Natalie Downing, Bonhams Entertainment Memorabilia Specialist, said: “The top

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