For the first time, the Centre Pompidou devotes an exhibition to the Swiss artist Gottfried Honegger. Through a selection of some 50 works (drawings, paintings and sculptures) the exhibition examines the career of this major figure in abstract art, focussing in particular on the genesis and development of his Tableaux-reliefs or “Relief Paintings”. Today 97 years of age, Gottfried Honegger is an artist ripe for rediscovery. He began his career as a graphic designer in Zurich, close to the Swiss Concrete artists. It was only in 1958, during a stay in New York, that he decided to devote himself entirely to art. It was there that he first showed monochrome paintings on surfaces covered by a repetitive pattern of geometric elements in thin card, his Tableaux-reliefs. In 1960, he moved to Paris. Fascinated by Jacques Monod’s Chance and Necessity, Gottfried Honegger, in 1970, was one

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