The chimes of copper cymbals are resonating throughout the foyer of NGV International when renowned Mexican artist Carlos Amorales presented his interactive sculptural work We’ll see how all reverberates, a dynamic suspended installation which takes the form of three mobiles balanced by thirty-five copper Zildjian cymbals. Through the use of musical gongs visitors are invited to strike the cymbals, producing a chorus of sound and movement within the space. Reflecting the artist’s interest in the chance poetics of Dada and the inter-disciplinary happenings of the Fluxus movement, We’ll see how all reverberates, 2012, invokes a democratic, playful and anarchic impulse, encouraging audience members to become actors and performers. Tony Ellwood, Director, NGV, said, ‘We’ll see how all reverberates, the next instalment in the NGV’s ongoing series of Federation

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