Following “Balthus: The Last Studies” at Gagosian New York (2013–14) and “Balthus” at Gagosian Paris (January–February 2015), Gagosian Hong Kong announces a career-spanning exhibition of Balthus’s paintings, drawings, and photographs. Prepared in collaboration with the artist’s estate, this will be the first exhibition of his work in Hong Kong in twenty years. Balthus was the reclusive painter of charged and disquieting narrative scenes, whose inspirative sources and embrace of exquisitely rigorous technique reach back to the early Renaissance, though with a subversive modern twist. Working independently of avant-garde movements such as Surrealism, he turned to antecedents including Piero della Francesca and Gustave Courbet, appropriating their techniques to represent the physical and psychic struggles of adolescence. Casting viewers as

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