In Milan, the Fondazione Carriero has opened an exhibition space dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Located within the Parravicini palazzo on Via Cino del Duca 4, the venue was inaugurated with the exhibition imaginarii, curated by Francesco Stocchi. The Fondazione Carriero opened in the heart of Milan, in one of the oldest and most evocative buildings in the city center. An important new player on Milan’s cultural scene, the Foundation’s mission is to promote and support the art and artists of our time. The Foundation’s exhibition calendar opened with the show imaginarii, curated by Francesco Stocchi, in Palazzo Parravicini on Via Cino del Duca. The show will be on view until December 13, 2015. The Foundation became a reality thanks to the enthusiasm of the founder, Giorgio Carriero, a businessman and collector who is keenly interested in every form of art and wishes to share this passion with the public at large.

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