Last week the Tate Modern hosted over 100 women leaders in the Museums and Heritage sector as part of the Confidence – Choice – Connections programme to share their experiences and visions with each other and industry stakeholders across the country. Confidence – Choice – Connections aims to create a climate in which more women will realise their potential and increase their impact as leaders. Today’s speakers include Sue Owen, Permanent Secretary at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), who will share how the core themes of Confidence, Choice and Connections have had an impact on her own journey through Whitehall. In the past few months, and with support from the DCMS, the National Museums Directors Conference (NMDC) and the Arts Council England (ACE), the Women Leaders in Museums Network (WLMN) has rolled out its Confidence – Choice – Connections programme to build momentum and expand its impact and reach. Founded in 2007, the WLMN h

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